MIRAE’s Dohyun post handwritten apology for mocking Billlie’s Tsuki on a stream

Tsuki of Billlie has recently gained attention for her expressions during performances of “Ginga Minga Yo“, which have went viral and has garnered both praise and mockery online. During a recent broadcast, MIRAE‘s Dohyun unfortunately choose the latter.

Siyoung on the right knew it was curtains for him.

Well, he just released an apology for this after it went viral on social media.

“Hello, this is MIRAE’s Dohyun. I would like to apologize regarding the on-the-way-home V Live broadcast from April 4. First, I deeply apologize to the Billlie members. I also apologize to the many people who saw this video and felt uncomfortable. I conveyed my apology to the Billlie members through my management agency, and I also plan to apologize directly. I’m sorry that I have given many people cause for concern through my thoughtless behavior, and I will be more cautious and careful in all matters in the future. I will gladly accept all the criticism that has been made of me, who is still lacking in many ways. Once again, I apologize.”

Not to downplay this, but that should really be the end of it He did some stupid shit and he apologized for it. Hopefully he doesn’t do it again, cause he’s just setting himself up unless he wants to continue to get himself shit on and do indirect promo for other idols.

Back to Tsuki, I get why her performance can be funny, but I never understood the people who disliked it. Seems like she’s doing exactly what an idol/performer should be. Show some fucking life and personality. So in a way the attention is great for Tsuki, that’s she known for this now, as that’s something hard to do in this ever more saturated market. Especially when it’s for something entertaining and not shitty.


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