B-Side Spotlight: February 2022 (Epik High, Billlie, Taeyeon, BTOB, STAYC, Wonho, A Pink + More)

Ladies, gents, beautiful they/thems, and everyone else, welcome to this extremely late edition of B-Side Spotlight for … February 2022. Oops?

This one is pretty short and sweet, without my usual ramblings — a whistlestop tour of sorts. Just add it to your playlist. Anyway, let’s go.



Wonho – “Somebody”


A Pink – “Nothing”

Taeyeon (SNSD) – “Toddler” 

Epik High – “BRB”

(Casual reminder that I like Epik High more than you do. Yes, you. I have a tattoo. Fight me.)

BTOB – “Whiskey”

VIVIZ – “Tweet Tweet”

Ravi (Feat. Xydo) – “1,2,3”

Moonbin & Sanha (Astro) – “DIA”

NMIXX – “Tank”


Rocket Punch – “Red Balloon”

Super Junior – “Analogue Radio”

Billlie – “Overlap”

(My favourite on this playlist, aside from Epik High’s track, of course.)


And that’s it! I appreciate February has been and gone, but please let me know some of your favourite b-sides that came out anyway — it’ll be fun. Happy listening!

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