Yoochun (ex-TVXQ/JYJ) is somehow producing a girl group for Logbook Entertainment

In absolutely terrifying news, former TVXQ/JYJ member Yoochun is going to be in charge of producing a girl group for Logbook Entertainment. This is actually a rather old story as this video for an audition was posted a month ago, but better late than never.


According to the site, the group is going to consist of Korean, Japanese and Thai members, with the auditions being for Thailand.

Now I’m not one to tell others how to parent, but I do have to wonder about anybody who is willing to let their teenage daughter fly to Korea to be under the guidance of a man who was accused of rape by four women (and of being a creep by another), one of whom he’s had to pay damages to. Also while recreational drugs are whatever, a meth user who allegedly spends close to six figures in hostess bars is not exactly who I want in charge of my group.

I dunno, seems like a bad idea.


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