Dreamcatcher bless the universe with a cover of Girl’s Day’s “Something”, promote “MAISON” + other comeback stuff

Alright, it’s time to catch up on Dreamcatcher content.

While there’s obviously a ton of the typical promotional stuff for the “MAISON” comeback, perhaps the most noteworthy thing is their Weekly Idol showing, as they covered Girl’s Day‘s “Something“. If doing it complete with outfits didn’t make it apparent enough, then the fact that there are three different versions should be proof that they wanted to highlight it. Wish granted.

Their ability to stick with a general core concept for singles but to float around and fit all of the others is always cool (and why they would’ve been great on Queendom).

Anyway, girl group aren’t releasing gems like this anymore.


From there, there’s a dance practice and a relay dance, but there hasn’t been a ton of other stuff churned out yet that I’ve found.

Also, for those that missed the mini-concert/showcase, they posted an official version of that performance.

Additionally, while I still haven’t changed my mind on “MAISON”, two other reviewers whose opinion I respect gave it year-end level grades (here and here), which is actually kinda nice to see in terms of other people appreciating their music more than me for once. Hopefully the public agrees.

Also, in “aw shit, here we go again” news, Dreamcatcher seem to be favored to get their first win on at least one show.

7 Dreamers and the fandom continue busting their ass, which is great as I do feel like they need to get at least one in their careers.

So be sure to help them out however you can, do it for Fuck Bitch.


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