Rundown: SEVENTEEN, Onew, Suho, Kwon Eun Bi, Younha, Jessi, ChoA, BAE173 + more

I fell behind schedule in terms of doing these for new releases, mainly because the baseball season started, honestly. My bad, lol.


BAE173 – “JAWS”

Obviously isn’t my thing, as I find this kind of noisy arrangement grating more than hype, but if you like boy groups from big companies doing similar, I don’t really see why you shouldn’t like this as well. Hell, I’d argue this is more melodic than some of theirs.


Younha – “Event Horizon”

Melancholy but in a fresh and uplifting way, if that makes sense. Even if not her best, Younha songs are always solid.


Kwon Eun Bi – “Glitch”

By far her best track thanks to the instrumental, and the club remix would probably go off. The drum and bass elements were cool. Though I did unfortunately feel like she was most in her element during the chorus as like an anonymous vocalist on a bumping house track.


Suho (EXO) – “Grey Suit”

Despite not being my thing in general, it could’ve been if it hit that extra gear down the stretch, but falls just short of attempting it.


Suho (EXO) – “Hurdle”

Pleasant and safe, but more safe than pleasant.


eaJ – “Car Crash”


ChoA – “Yesterday”


Onew (SHINee) – “Dice”

Another good, quality song that really just lacks the next gear for me on repeat listens. Still, if this is more your speed then the core of it is great, honestly.


DKZ – “Cupid”

Happy, harmless, and safe … and somewhat nondescript.


Jessi – “ZOOM”

Perfect for TikTok, for better and worse. Never liked her rapping and this certainly doesn’t change that.


SEVENTEEN – “Darling”

English-language releases seem to make every group opt for safe and solid regardless of whatever their actual group sound trajectory is.


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