Dreamcatcher take home their 1st ever win after ~5.5 years (or ~7.5 years) with “MAISON” on ‘Show Champion’

At long last, the wait is finally over: Dreamcatcher have achieved their first music show win moments ago on MBC‘s Show Champion with “MAISON” off their ‘Apocalypse: Save Us‘ album.

Since debuting back in 2017 (or 2014 if we’re counting MINX), it has been a long road to get to this point, plagued by near-misses due to combinations of bad luck, poor timing, and … questionable results, but the group’s growth had finally essentially become undeniable and thus they finally have a trophy.

Honestly, the saga has gone on for so long now that it almost feels like relief more than anything. Perhaps back when they first had a realistic shot of winning years ago it would’ve been seen as a potential springboard forward for them, but Dreamcatcher have since legitimately taken that leap forward themselves. So they honestly didn’t need this, but I wanted it cause the members wanted it, and it seemed like at least one singular win would be nice for them to have. Thankfully, Dreamcatcher have now accomplished at least that, and their emotional reaction makes it worth it.

Feels great for them, but also extremely funny that it’s hard to tell whether they are overjoyed or if puppies were slaughtered by their reactions.


After the win they got on V Live and talked about it.

Congratulations for them came in as well.

Random thing I thought was cool.

The journey.


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