Rundown: JUST B, A Pink, BOL4, YOUNITE, DRIPPIN + more

Honestly, a lot of boring mainstream stuff aside from one exception, and a couple of solid indie releases I thought deserved some run.


Kind Of Poison – “Behind The Lie”

Pretty simplistic and doesn’t shift gears much, which gets kinda meh on repeat, but pretty nice for a workout playlist.


Kim Bo Na – “Don’t Go”

Not that one, this one. It’s not like mind-blowing or anything, but it has a nice bounce to it and she has a great voice.


A Pink – “I Want You To Be Happy”

I swear to god Naeun leaving better not cause them to release one emo-ass fan song every year.


BOL4 – “Seoul”

She went solo and hasn’t released an interesting song yet.


YOUNITE – “1 Of 9”

The kind of safe debut release that allows fans who already liked them to continue doing so, but is almost offensively non-descript.


Kim Sung Kyu (INFINITE) – “Savior”

Much better than the typical ballad because the instrumental actually tries to do something, but it just doesn’t have the peak that the best ones do.



Generic and annoying at the same time, somehow.



While this sounds like a typical fourth generation boy group release at times, I honestly enjoy the chorus? It’s melodic and catchy, pleasant even. Of course, there’s a lot of typical tryhard vibes that surround it, but the chorus is enough to make it enjoyable for me.


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