Rapper Osshun Gum accused of molesting young boy, claimed at the time he just wanted to taste his feces

Rapper Osshun Gum, a former contestant on High School Rapper, recently stood trial having been accused of molestation of a young boy. Oddly, at the time the rapper claimed that he just touched the boy’s butt so he could eat his feces.

Korean media reported Osshun’s sexual harassment hearing on April 27 and stated that upon questioning, he revealed that “he touched the rear (of the minor) to eat his feces.” Back when he was first indicted, the child (victim) had alleged that the former Rapper had touched his rear and not performed any act that was sexual in nature. Osshun’s legal team stated that the rapper was having a hard time recovering from his failure as a musician and the mental stress brought him back to his hometown in Jeonju, Seoul. It was revealed that Osshun undressed on the street and was found lying around while in the nude. The defense claimed that he got on a taxi to get away from his hometown and arrived at Haeundae, Busan – where he knew no one – which is where the incident involving the minor took place in 2021.

Osshun Gum’s defense explained that he said that at the time because he was not in the right state of mind, arguing that he has mental health issues.

It was also revealed that Osshun was diagnosed with a severe mental disorder back in June 2021 and was institutionalized in a psychiatric facility for 70 days. In their final statement, the defense stated that the nature and intent behind Osshun’s crimes are minor when compared to sexual assault and should be reviewed in that context. Osshun Gum also apologized for his actions saying, “Once again, I sincerely apologize for hurting the victim and his family.” He added, “If you give me a chance to recover, I want to help society with the music that I wish to make in the future.” The follow-up trial to the case will take place in early June this year.

So his position isn’t denying that something happened between him and the boy, but rather he tries to provide an explanation for it happening. And it’s not that mental health issues — and we don’t know how valid that is yet either — isn’t an explanation for actions, but it also doesn’t free one from consequences either.

Quite frankly, I’m just glad the boy testified that it didn’t go beyond the touching, and hopefully him and his family are alright.


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