Dreamcatcher to kick off American leg of 2022 World Tour at the end of June + perform “MAISON” on ‘PLAY COLOR’

In news that is honestly relieving at this point, Dreamcatcher are back on the road, announcing the American leg of their 2022 Dreamcatcher World Tour.

It’ll kick off on June 28 in New York and then they’ll make their way westward for seven more stops at Reading, Louisville, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco, and finishing up in Los Angeles on July 17.

Tickets set to go on sale in the links within the tweets in about a day or so.


Additionally, Dreamcatcher are collabing with Wonderwall on like a behind-the-scenes look at the production of their ‘Apocalypse: Save Us‘ album, I think.

There’s a content package for that if you’re interested.


Most importantly, Dreamcatcher performed “MAISON” for PLAY COLOR, which is always a great feature.

“‘WILD ORANGE’, what does it mean?”

“Nobody knows, but it’s provocative!”


Oh yeah, almost forgot about the second win. Suck it, The Show.


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