Jeon Seung Bin’s agency denies ex-wife Hong In Young’s allegations of assault + a somewhat messy history

The agency of actor Jeon Seung Bin has recently released a statement denying allegations of assault against his ex-wife, actress Hong In Young.

The former couple got married in May of 2016 and divorced in April of 2020. It was recently reported that two years later she filed domestic violence charges against him and recently the police forwarded the case to prosecution.

According to the reports, the complaint claims that Jeon Seung Bin dragged Hong In Young by her hair and assaulted and verbally abused her for two hours, hitting her face and head to the extent that she fainted. It is also reported that Hong In Young submitted photos of the assault as evidence.

These serious allegations forced his agency Starhue Entertainment to respond.

“As the legal representative revealed during an interview, Jeon Seung Bin was not home at the time the plaintiff is claiming that she was assaulted, and we have already submitted evidence that there was no assault or verbal abuse during the police investigation stage. Furthermore, if there were such matters, then at the time of the divorce settlement, divorce by mutual consent would not have occurred. Currently, this case has been forwarded to the prosecution and is under investigation, so we ask that you refrain from making speculative reports. Actor Jeon Seung Bin and the agency believe that the truth will be clearly revealed through the prosecution investigation.”

We’ll see what comes out, but the divorce being mutual isn’t really proof that nothing happened prior to that.


Anyway, when I initially read about this story I didn’t expect the background of all this to be as messy as it was.

Back in January of 2021, Jeon Seung Bin got remarried to former Baby VOX member Shim Eun Jin, with both parties saying they met on the set of the 2019 MBC drama Bad Love. Perhaps you can see where this is going, as Hong In Young at the time posted a series of cryptic (not really) messages questioning the timing of everything.

Shortly after the news of the wedding, however, Hong In Young posted the screen capture of Yoo Ah In saying his famous line from the film Veteran, “That’s ridiculous,” stirring up a controversy. Afterward, she left more comments like “People will figure out the truth slowly,” “The timing oddly overlaps,” “Broke up in 2018? We got divorced in 2020,” and “There’s a lot I want to say, but I won’t.”

Jeon Seung Bin’s agency denied this, clarifying the timeline.

“Jeon Seung Bin and Hong In Young divorced in April last year. But they have been in a rocky relationship from 2019 and prepared for their divorce since then,” shared Jeon Seung Bin’s agency Star Hue Entertainment. Regarding Hong In Young’s claim of Shim Eun Jin and Jeon Seung Bin’s dating overlapping with her marriage with Jeon, they stressed, “That is not true. It took time to fine-tune details and complete the divorce, but the two started their divorce process from 2019.”

This doesn’t necessarily relate to the charges, but it could be relevant context to have for whatever unfolds next.


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