Quick Reviews: PSY’s “That That” return isn’t perfect but provides heaps of energy & fun

There’s a lot going on here, but first things first, congrats to BTS‘s Suga for joining the ranks of Seo Woo, Naeun, CL, HyunA, Ga-In, and Suzy as part of PSY‘s ‘Bond Girl’ thing he does with music videos, truly an amazing and emotional moment.

But seriously, PSY is back after taking five years away to do things like start his own company and what not, returning with “That That” and bringing along one of the highest profile producers/featurings. PSY also brought back his signature energy and spectacle, both of which are predictably entertaining.

That said, “That That” is not the world-beater it clearly aims to be, as it lacks the signature moments of his best efforts. Plus, the instrumental kinda bogs down after a while (and on repeat listens) due to the lack of fresh ideas, making Suga’s rap interjection an absolute necessity that helps break things up a bit. Still, it’s a quality song that’s elevated by everything around it, and the dumb fun that PSY singles reliably provide is always something to look forward to, especially in a K-pop era that is increasingly self-serious.


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