(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon waited for 3 years to take revenge on Kim Gura on ‘Radio Star’

Kim Gura has always been a controversial figure*, and back in 2019 he annoyed a lot of K-pop fans by unfavorably comparing (G)I-DLE to ITZY when Soyeon was a guest on Radio Star.

*It still blows my mind that celebs can ruined in Korea for seemingly anything, but this guy can call Korean war crime victims “prostitutes” and is still on TV.


Basically he was confrontational and tried to start shit by saying they were nugus.

During her introductory segment, Kim Gura bluntly asked her, “Would we know your song if we heard it?” He defended himself, claiming it was hard for him to know which idol was who anymore because of the massive amount of rookie debuts. He explained, “When you get to our age, you just don’t know. We only know that ITZY is a popular trending group.” Are you on the same level as ITZY?

Soyeon got the whole package, including pointing.

But she gave a courteous answer.

Oh… but they won 1st place on a public broadcast music show. But we’re… uh… in the process of working towards it.

She handled the situation well at the time, but apparently she’s been waiting about three years to get back at him, which she did during her recent guest appearance on the show, dissing him set to the beat of “My Bag“.

Hey kiddos, you don’t know who Kim Gu Ra is, right? Hmm…sunbae, you’re about as famous as Choi Joon, I think? Let me give you some advice. Pointing your finger isn’t trendy these days. If you lose your touch, move on to Pokémon Bread mukbangs.

Effectively she took what he used to infer they were nugu and turned it around back on him point-by-point.

Forgive but don’t forget.

And maybe diss a comedian known for dissing with his own disses after plotting on it for years.


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