Actress Lee Ga Ryeong reveals she’s 41 not 33 as listed, which has to be a somewhat common fib

At a press conference for the drama ‘Love (Feat. Marriage & Divorce)‘, actress Lee Ga Ryeong revealed that she was eight years older than listed on profiles, explaining that ages change around while modeling and she simply never got the chance to correct it.

The female star explained, “I had no chance to correct my age shown on the Internet as I had no agency during my hiatus.” “I had no chance to verbally correct it through having an interview as I was too busy filming the drama back then. I wasn’t even able to consider having an agency,” she added. She continued, “When I was a fashion model, it was a common thing to adjust our age on the Internet depending on occasions. One day, I found that many fans knew me as 35. I did not mean to cause confusion. I was born in 1980.”

On one hand it seems almost impossible to not realize that for years you were listed everywhere on the Internet as eight years younger than you were. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter and I have to believe this kind of thing is probably common enough in an entertainment industry/society/culture that values youth so much that it’s worth just fibbing on, after all she basically says she did it to be able to secure modeling gigs.

I just find it interesting that the number itself impacts people’s perception of you despite however you look or act like, as obviously she’s extremely believable 33-year-old as a 41-year-old regardless. Thus, I kinda wonder if he roles going forward will change or not.


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