Yuna (ex-AOA) & Jisoo (ex-TAHITI) do collab body profile pics for Tailor Project, bonded over Pilates

Former AOA member Yuna‘s transition to a Pilates instructor was covered around here previously due to her body profile pictures, and former TAHITI member Jisoo was mentioned in there as well due to the Pilates connection, and the two of them have been teasing a collab for a bit now.

Well recently they ended up doing a body profile shoot for the Tailor Project, commenting that while they have a shared history as idols, they really bonded over Pilates and becoming instructors.

Well, they are certainly attractive, sorry if that offends. That is, after all, quite literally the point of this shit.

Anyway, the body profile phenomenon among both men and women in Korea may have detractors but it honestly makes sense to me. As somebody who used to spend way too much time in the gym, getting yourself into the best shape of your life and documenting it for all eternity before you eventually succumb to the demands of life and the undefeated hands of time is rather appealing.

“Look kids, your parents used to be fucking hot, alright?”

Except with this it’s actually a hot picture now instead of your mom and dad simply showing you the most dated picture ever and pretending they were models.


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