Yuna (ex-AOA) is a Pilates and yoga instructor with her own studio, also is attractive

Former AOA member Yuna has been working hard since leaving the group at the start of last year, or at least I assume so based on her recent pictures. In addition to being a secret songwriter, she’s also a yoga and Pilates instructor and now even has her own studio. It’s … impressive, honestly.

I honestly don’t follow Pilates or yoga instructors, and the only two instructors I know of are Yuna and former TAHITI member Jisoo, but judging by their Instagrams, it seems like the primary requirement to get that job is much like personal trainers in that their own body is basically the ad for their business. Proof of concept, of sorts.

Not even going to pretend that this post wasn’t inspired by her recent butt-tastic posts, but hey, you better not be complaining.


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