Rapper Bassagong issues “apology” after Don Mills’ wife (Kim Sol) posts allegation about a rapper spreading molka

Rapper Bassagong has made a general “apology” for wrongdoings after netizens tied him to a molka case brought up by Kim Sol, the wife of Don Mills.


This started when Sol posted on Instagram about a rapper meeting women through DMs and called him out on illegally filming and sharing the videos.

“I see you talking about meeting women through DM’s. Why don’t you talk about how you then filmed them illegally and shared the videos? If it weighed on your conscience, there is no way you could talk about it on a broadcast. I guess you don’t care, huh? I wish you would stop. You’re making me want to go to the police…”

“A close dongseng of mine was photographed this way. We have the messages you sent. I haven’t called the police in case it might affect other victims, but seeing you talk this way on a broadcast watched by so many, just goes to show you have no guilt. How are you different from Jung Joon Young? My dongseng had such a hard time that she attempted to xx herself.”

She then posted a DM from another woman who said her friend suffered similarly.

“Unnie, by any chance, is it XXXX? My friend met him through DMs, and her sex tape was then sent around. She XXXX-ed from the shock… I am sending you a DM because it seems you are talking about him”

Afterward she posted that the rapper in question tried to get Don Mills to silence her.

“Don’t hit my husband up and ask him to silence me and calm me down. And don’t have somebody hit up the victims and harass them again. Should I say who said that? If you aren’t able to stand by what you said, you shouldn’t talk at all. What if the victims were your mother, sister, or daughter? People who were in the chatroom need to get their heads straight. I am really holding back, and they should know it. How is this right? Are only your lives important?”

Presumably after being asked why she didn’t go to the police or if there’s no proof, she says there is but she is scared of backlash.

“It’s not that there is no proof. All of the photos and KakaoTalk messages are still there. The victim does not want to take the case to the police. (She is afraid that more photos of her will be exposed, and afraid that her identity will be revealed. Others are also threatening her, telling her to keep her mouth shut.) She hoped that by posting this online, the assailant would feel guilt and live with that guilt in their heart for life. She has now received an apology from the assailant, and is thinking about what she should do next.”

Don Mills himself then responded, asking people to prioritize the victim.

“Hello, this Don Mills. The contents reported in numerous amounts of media platforms today have concerned my family whom I love, my precious acquaintances, and countless people. Thus, I feel upset. I am thankful for and apologetic toward many people for their worry and concerns, but the victim, after receiving an apology in person, hopes that this situation will not grow bigger. (The victim is currently in fear due to people trying to search for and figure out the victim’s ID.) I think the victim’s state of mind is the most important. Therefore, I think it’s right that we help the victim so that things can go their way. Unless the victim allows it, I cannot, and should not, comment on anything related to the issue. Lastly, various media outlets have used photos without permission, which is why my wife turned her Instagram to private. Please take down all photos of my family which have been uploaded.”

Netizens eventually started to accuse the rapper Bassagong of being the perpetrator based on him doing what was mentioned during the show Mouths On Wheels. Eventually he issued an “apology” that was one sentence long.

“I am sorry for the controversy I caused. I apologize for my wrongdoings and will reflect on myself.”

Hopefully at least this means that people will stop hounding the victim and doing what I assume happens in most crimes like this, which is cast doubt onto her, but I doubt they will.

While the victim got an apology, obviously it doesn’t come off like Bassagong gives a shit, and is really only concerned with damage control.


Bassagong is saying that he’ll turn himself in to the police.


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