CLASS:y’s Park Boeun revealed to be drinking baby formula, just another very normal day I guess

In what is an utterly bizarre story both for the content and because it reminded me that CLASS:y has a member that is just 14, it was revealed on a recent episode of MBC‘s The Manager that member Park Boeun is still given baby formula to drink, apparently in order to promote growth.

In the scene, CLASS:y member Won Jimin stated, “A lot of our members are still growing. Someone said drinking baby formula helps you grow.” CLASS:y member Park Bo Eun was then shown drinking baby formula out of a water bottle, to which her members stated she was cute.

If this wasn’t a setup for the reality show as some kind of weird appeal to the public (and I assume it was), I feel like if nothing else somebody should’ve paused and thought about debuting somebody at an age where they thought giving her baby formula was appropriate for dietary needs.

Anyway, IU‘s “Twenty-Three” music video forever relevant industry commentary.


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