Rundown: ASTRO, ONEUS, B.I., HYO, TNX, DAVICHI, Ciipher, TRIGER + others

Pretty rough fucking week except for like one song, maybe two.


ALICE – “Drive Away”

Well, much like the song of the other ALICE … it exists.


Jeong Sewoon – “Roller Coaster”

Sometimes these types of releases pop up on my timeline with fanfare and I can’t remember where the artist is from or why they’re more significant than any other random release. Anyway, that seems like an aside intended to be mean but it’s just what my thought process was. This is a light and nice enough song, really.


Ciipher – “Fame”

Fame will not come with something this forgettable.



Ever since I found out she plays Persona and is thus likely a fellow JRPG degenerate, I have decided to not say anything bad about her. So, um, “Badster” is still surprisingly nice.


B.I. (Feat. DeVita) – “BTBT”

A lot of potential but kinda doesn’t go anywhere. Still pleasant in a background music kinda of way.


Davichi – “Fanfare”

At least it’s not sleep music.


ASTRO – “Candy Sugar Pop”

Solid fun, and for those who just like any nice disco-pop offering, it’ll work for you. But for me, it was more on the good but generic side of things, really lacking the one addictive melody or hook to put me onto it.


TRIGER – “No Limt”

They removed a letter from their name and a letter from the song title to change things up, but didn’t bother to do this with the music.


ONEUS – “Bring It On”

There are interesting elements like the electric guitar in the second verse and the callbacks to their traditional-themed previous releases like “LUNA“, but it’s surrounded by so many tired tropes that it’s hard not to be disappointed.



P Nation‘s new boy group debuts by following a lot of recent boy group trends and is inseparable from the pack in the worst way.


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