Rundown: LIGHTSUM, Yerin, Kang Daniel, LUNARSOLAR, AB6IX, Keith Ape, others

Gotta say, aside from one song, this has a rough week or so. Also comes with a disbandment song and a song from a should-be-dead guy.


LUMINOUS – “Wish You Were Here”

Sounds like a fan song the group puts over shots of them on tour or something, but at least it has some melody to it. Enjoyable at least.


Yerin – “Aria”

Honestly man, the track is basic and the shrill delivery reminds me of the kind of stuff I find from rando soloists I stumble upon from indie labels I’m subscribed to on YouTube rather than a former A-tier girl group member’s solo.


AB6IX – “Savior”

Minimalistic for the most part, which stands out in itself, but it doesn’t utilize it in a good way. The chorus is especially uninteresting, and thus it becomes forgettable outside of the pre-chorus.


ONEWE – “Roommate”

The type of song done by like every Korean singer/group at some point, and better by most of them.


LUNARSOLAR – “Do You Wanna Get Down”

Unfortunately, a disbandment song for them, but at least it has some energy to it.


Keith Ape – “Ride With My Dawgs”

What happened to him dying? Anyway, I’ve never really fucked with his music.


LIGHTSUM – “Alive”

Probably the best song here thanks to the strength of the jubilant chorus, but the verses go for a bouncy energy that actually ends up dragging after a while. Kind of highlights the importance of verses with momentum that are able to carry songs to the chorus.


Kang Daniel – “Upside Down”

Quite generic and kinda drones on, which is pretty disappointing for somebody who had a very interesting direction for his solo stuff in 2021.


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