BTS visit the White House, speak at press briefing about anti-Asian hate and more

Despite how cynical I am, as a hag K-pop stan, the fact that the picture above is real and not some kind of photoshopped fandom shitpost for a fanfiction is just insane.

Yes folks, BTS were invited by President Joe Biden to the White House and spoke at a press briefing. It was “aimed at discussing Asian inclusion and representation and addressing anti-Asian hate crimes and disinformation.

Anyway, I’ve generally avoided most of the discourse that had led up to this, mainly around whether it was appropriate for BTS to be involved considering they weren’t Asian American. While I understand those who had a problem with it, I essentially thought it was a pretty cool thing that happened.

I mean, I don’t know what some people were expecting to come out of this, honestly. It’s like a PR deal for both sides, so bringing in Asians with the biggest current platform makes sense at least. And it’s not as if bringing in an Asian American to say similar shit with a fraction of the platform would do any more.

Anyway, glad everything seemed to go smoothly, though I’m not looking forward to Biden trying to dance or whatever they made him do for socials when they met.

At the very least it’s making the right people mad for whatever reason.


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