YG revealed to have met Han Seo Hee many times at Madam Jung’s escort bar, which brings back prostitution mediation questions

In case you had forgotten, and I wouldn’t blame you if you did, YG’s witness intimidation case is still ongoing. There hadn’t been much revealed for a while, so there weren’t many updates, but recently testimony and texts revealed in court provided significant new information.

The informant, Han Seo Hee*, was revealed to have been an employee of ‘Madam Jung’ at a high-end escort bar and had exchanged favors with YG in the past.

*Named here as the informant because she outed herself previously.

Yang Hyun Suk’s lawyer stressed that the two met about 10 times at a so-called “Ten Pro” bar ran by Madam Jung, who’s commonly known as “Jung Madam.” When asked whether she knew her, A said “yes.”

The goal of YG’s side bringing this up was to discredit the notion that HSH was afraid of YG as she said, though oddly enough it does also admit that he was a frequenter of these bars despite being married.

Former CEO Yang met A for the first time as a guest and a receptionist at TenPro [high-end escort bar] and Yang Hyun Suk also revealed that he actively did her favors by sending concert tickets to A’s house. A called former CEO Yang “oppa” and the two were also seen talking “banmal” [informal speech]. However, when YG employee Kim took A to Yang ‘s office after B.I’s name came out during police investigations over drugs in August 2016, A stated, “I wasn’t an artist but I was scared at the time.” She continued, “I took out my cell phone and said I needed to call my mom and told him I was going to the bathroom. Employee Kim was even guarding in front of the bathroom when I went in. I was sitting at the urinal and he called out asking “you’re not taking pictures, are you?” Hurry up and come out? I couldn’t call someone in that situation.” Nevertheless, Yang’s side questioned A during cross examination after it was revealed by prosecution that she called Yang Hyun Suk, an “old man.” A replied, “Can I be honest? Yang Hyun Suk was stingy so I thought to myself why should be afraid of such a bitter old man? I should have recorded it, I don’t why I was afraid.”

Though it doesn’t appear as though HSH helped herself with the way she answered certain queries.

Yang Hyun Suk’s lawyer also tried to question the credibility of A’s statement since she mistook the date when she came to YG Entertainment based on forensic data on A’s cell phone and the fact that she doesn’t remember “well” before and after her visit to his office. A responded somewhat emotionally and stated, “Now that I think about it, it may be so.” Her sloppy manner of answering caused laughter two or three times from the audience where Yang Hyun Suk, legal team and employees were sitting. The court told A, “It has been so long that witnesses can’t remember anything. However, answer only what you remember, not what you think of the question. Or just say ‘I don’t know.’ Otherwise, the credibility of your statements can arise.” A responded and stated, “I’m sorry that I was emotional.”

To me, it’s definitely a reach to say that Han Seo Hee couldn’t have been intimidated by somebody in YG’s position of power simply because she knew him and was friendly with him previously after the two met at an “escort” bar. Hell, knowing him could make it more scary, not less.

That said, it’s hard to know how this will be taken by the system, as typically they look down on the credibility of sex workers, and that’s the likely reason YG was fine with them bringing that up, despite it costing him whatever shred of credibility he had remaining regarding links to prostitution.


Speaking of prostitution, remember that almost exactly three years ago YG denied knowing prostitution was happening despite being at a restaurant where Madam Jung brought women.

Yang Hyun Suk responded by denying any involvement in the alleged mediation of prostitution services, stating, “It’s true that I was present, but I didn’t know that prostitution services were solicited. I didn’t pay for the meal expenses myself. I don’t know anything about it. There was no further contact with the investors. I know Madam Jung, but I don’t know why the women attended.”

To anybody with a brain, it never made sense that YG would know Madam Jung and not have an inkling of what the women were there for, but now that angle is even more comical given what he himself submitted as evidence.

Furthermore, while Madam Jung initially defended YG and his position, she eventually alleged that YG directed prostitution mediation. But that wasn’t enough, as essentially YGE’s position that the prostitutes were there but any sex that took place happened coincidentally, was enough doubt for authorities.

“It’s true that about 10 prostitutes were present. A lot of prostitutes from various businesses attended that night. Even if sexual intercourse took place, it only happened naturally. No prostitution service was purposefully organized like it was reported on the news.” — YG Representative

So police and prosecutors then said they didn’t have enough evidence that YG knew what was going on — cause he didn’t have it on the books marked “bribes in prostitution for businessmen”, I guess — and they closed the case.

As I said, reasonable people perhaps didn’t need this to come out to know YG was closely tied to prostitution and who knows what else. However, now that we know by his own admission he met 10 times with effectively a high-end prostitute at Madam Jung’s essentially high-end prostitution bar, it seems even more ludicrous that they tried to maintain plausible deniability about what happened during his prostitution mediation investigation, much less to believe he doesn’t run in those circles.


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