KARA reunite with five members for 15th anniversary and I’m begging for a comeback

After growing speculation about something maybe going on, KARA have reunited as five members for their 15th anniversary, posting pictures of the reunion on Instagram.


What got people talking on social media is that Youngji, Nicole, and Jiyoung all followed each other, which was new since they were never groupmates.

From there, it was confirmed that the quintet met up recently for the group’s 15th anniversary. It’s notable that it’s five members because their past anniversary reunions have been as four.


They, of course, didn’t forget to include Hara.

Gyuri also wrote a message for fans.

Now look, they all can obviously do whatever they want with the rest of their lives … but Sweetune is now making music for groups I’ve never heard of before, all five of them know each other now, and nostalgia has been a trend currently running rampant through hag K-pop fans.

I’m not saying just make a reunion comeback already … but I absolutely am.

Anyway, I’m really glad these are relevant again.


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