Kris Wu being tried for rape & ‘group licentiousness’, set to face sentencing later

It’s been almost a year now since allegations against Kris Wu emerged and he was detained on suspicion of rape, and while there haven’t been many updates since, reports are now emerging that he’s currently on trial for rape and group licentiousness.

Reports are beginning to emerge of a trial at the Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court that was not open to the public, apparently in order to protect the victim’s privacy. The charges included rape and “group licentiousness.” While the Hong Kong media reports have so far not spelled out the details of the verdict, or even if there was a formal verdict, there can be little doubt about the outcome. Chinese courts have a 99.9% conviction rate. Sentencing will be announced at a later date, the court said.

Yeah, so the trial seems like merely a formality. He is facing 3-10 years in prison, though there were allegations in his case that he was being predatory towards minors, so there’s potential for more depending on the sentencing.

In China, the crime of rape normally incurs a sentence of between three and ten years in prison. In particularly egregious cases, as well as instances of statutory rape, the sentence can run to life imprisonment or even the death penalty. China’s age of consent is 14. Group licentiousness, defined as sex involving three or more participants over the age of 16, carries a jail sentence of up to five years. At the time that the formal charges were made, it was reported that the court could also decide to deport Wu.

While things not being open to the public sort of invites skepticism, Kris is reportedly facing more than 24 allegations. Additionally, police records revealed at the time supported the story of the initial accuser aside from commenting on whether it was consensual, and it was also revealed that his side did attempt to pay her off in a settlement.


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