(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua speaks up on sexual harassment, assault, and misogyny following violent attack of a woman in China

(G)I-DLE member Shuhua has spoken up on sexual harassment, assault, and misogyny after a recent attack on a woman in Tangshan in China, reportedly stemming from the woman rejecting a man’s advances.

“A group of men in Tangshan were caught on camera brutally beating a woman after she turned down unwanted attention from one of them. The assault has sparked furious demands to address misogyny in China.”

The horrific attack was captured on video (content warning), which went viral on Chinese social media, and the assailants have reportedly been arrested.

As one would expect, there has been significant outrage about the incident, and Shuhua was outspoken about it, taking to Weibo to express her thoughts.

Despite concern from fans that she would get backlash for speaking out, Shuhua reassured them.

While some might question the priorities of the fans concerned for her career, it’s understandable if in good faith because a female idol speaking out so strongly about something like this could very easily get her a ton of backlash from men, not only China but Korea as well (not hard to see them connect her language to “evil” feminism).

That makes it even better that she ignored their concerns and continued on with basically a ‘not everybody is gonna love me’ attitude that I think is ultimately the right way to go about it. Hopefully everything regarding the case works out and Shuhua ends up alright as well, and it’s admirable from Shuhua to use her platform this way.


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