Wake One does a line change with TO1 and switches 4 members, bold considering the members were voted in via survival show

Back in April of this year, Chihoon left TO1 and terminated his contract with Wake One Entertainment. Turns out that was just the start of changes, as the company announced in May that the group would halt activities to reorganize, and have now effectively did a line change by replacing three more members.

Wake One said that they would be “taking on new challenges through the reestablishment of the team identity, as well as refining the team’s direction“, and announced that Minsu, Jerome, and Woonggi have left the group and they will be adding Daigo, Renta, and Yeojeong to the group. They will be making a comeback with an album in July and will promote on a ‘global scale’ (whatever that means) later in 2022.

That’s a lot of sudden turnover even for a nine-member group, and all of this comes after they debuted as TOO in 2020 from Mnet‘s World Klass survival show and already rebranded as TO1 in March of 2021.

Normally this kind of news isn’t on my radar, but switching out four members between comebacks and just continuing on was pretty nuts to me, especially since the members were picked via a survival show. Like can you imagine if a Produce group or something did some shit like this? The riots. Is this the next evolution in company fuckery? Forget rigging the show, just switch members to what you wanted after a year or so.


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