S.E.S.’s 2001 hit “Just In Love”, also the spiritual predecessor to A Pink’s “No No No”, gets a remastered MV

This music video from 2001 is actually for a Korean version of S.E.S.‘s 1999 Japanese single “Just In Love“, released on their Surprise compilation album. Like most of their singles, it was popular at the time in Korea and endures today was one of their signature songs, which one could probably surmise by the fact that it’s a part of the SM Remastering Project.

Though really its influence reaches beyond S.E.S’s legacy, as Shinsadong Tiger not-so-subtly produced A Pink‘s “No No No” with at least the general mood of “Just In Love” in mind, to the point where he was hit with plagiarism allegations at the time (definitely more of a soundalike that takes from multiple 90s girl group tracks).

Regardless, I’m gonna go ahead and credit the S.E.S. with 1.5 classic tracks here.


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