JUST B cover BTS’s “DOPE” for Relay Dance Again, providing me with an existential crisis

This time on Relay Dance Again, it’s JUST B covering BTS‘s “DOPE“, which is in the same category of reaction for me as NMIXX covering TWICE’s “What Is Love” in that now I’m truly realizing that we’re in a new generation and that “DOPE” is seven years old a part of the previous guard.

My god, the sands of time are truly unstoppable. Memento mori.


“DOPE” is a nicely-timed example in this current climate of how to do an instrumental chorus, basically by making said instrumental notable and melodic enough to be worth listening to. Also, the flow of the song is great and the energy rarely stops unless to provide a jumping off spot for something bigger, which is how hype kind of songs should work.


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