Avex founder Max Matsuura comes under fire for misogynistic rant targeting ~20 female celebs, offers a non-apology

Avex founder Max Matsuura has come under fire recently for a livestream he did that was basically just him ranting about women and trashing famous female celebrities. In response to this, he then ended up issuing a non-apology apology, saying he’s sorry if he offended but that he meant it.

As far as the content of his livestream, I asked a friend to give me a general scope of what he said since I couldn’t find it anywhere else online.

Basically he trashes around 20 Japanese actresses and singers and others, almost amusingly starting by saying, “I’m not drunk today, even though I drank last night.” She notes that despite this, he sounded drunk.

Anyway, somebody in chat asked if he had a race queen girlfriend and he responded that he hates to say it but there’s only ugly race queens now, ones that you could find at a Roppongi cabaret club kind of ugly.

The celebrity section comes after being asked who he thinks is cute. He mentions that he often saw Honda Tsubasa but he apologizes to her fans and says he’s not interested in her, then says Hirose Suzu is cute but he hears she has a bad personality from others. But he mentions he doesn’t know if it’s true cause it could just be girls talking shit about each other and you can’t trust that.

Moving on, he mentions Fukada Kyoko being a friend’s girlfriend but that she’s a baba or ‘old hag’ already. Says Nakajo Ayami works for a friend’s agency, then segues into saying Kitagawa Keiko is already a married woman, but says she was cute in the past but doesn’t know what happened as she’s not cute anymore. He mentions a Nanao and says she’s no good and has a big ass.

He then talks about Nagasawa Masami being a friend’s girlfriend but slurs stuff in a truly indecipherable manner. He moves on to a situation where he saw Yonekura Ryoko being yelled at by Wada Akiko, so he says he stepped in to defend her but Ryoko yelled at him instead and that ever since that time he hates her.

Matsuura states that Mochida Kaori is a married woman and segues into saying that buying cars is better than bothering with girls. Moves on quickly to saying Uchida Yuki is already an old woman, and says Ishihara Satomi is also a friend’s girlfriend, and has some complaint about how it seems everyday it’s somebody’s birthday.


Friend notes that the language he was using in terms of treating them like objects when discussing them was even harsher than it reads.

If anybody has anything else to add from this, let me know in the comments cause I haven’t seen this elsewhere, and there’s a bunch missing now.


Obviously the problem is self-explanatory but really it says a lot that he felt pretty comfortable saying this and there hasn’t been as big of a shitshow as one would expect in terms of fallout.


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