Blockberry Creative release bizarre statement on status of LOONA’s Chuu, saying there’s no official position & threaten legal action

A couple days ago it was reported that LOONA member Chuu would be leaving Blockberry Creative and signing with BY4M Studio for her activities. Chuu herself even seemed to comment on the story, but there was no statement from either company involved to confirm or deny things.

Well, Blockberry has just released a statement, but it’s essentially one of a lot of words that provides minimal clarity on Chuu’s status with the company.

The best I can parse this is that they’re saying some people are acting like they have statements on Chuu’s status that are official stances from Blockberry or Chuu, but that they are clarifying that actually they have no stance.

Therefore, they’re gonna sue people who are lying about the company and members, but won’t say what exactly people are supposedly lying about. Also, the two seemingly exclusive articles I read about this yesterday did not cite the company or the idol but insider sources, so this is all a bit bizarre.

Like just clarify what’s officially happening for people if you don’t want them to be confused and speculate.


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