Rundown: Yoojung (OnlyOneOf), Sunmi, Fromis 9, B.I & Chuu, HUTA (BTOB), Q6IX

There was one song that interested me, but just not a great week overall, honestly.


Yoojung (OnlyOneOf) – “Begin”

Atmospheric and synthy, this was a pleasant listen. It doesn’t jump at you and kinda leaves me uncurious about him as a soloist, but definitely something you can groove along with.


Fromis 9 – “Stay This Way”

The primary appeal resides in it being an upbeat summer track, but either due to technical limitations or bland production choices, it eventually kinda settles for being a soulless knockoff TWICE song.


B.I & Chuu (LOONA) – “Lullaby”

Works as advertised.


HUTA (BTOB’s Minhyuk) – “BOOM”

All I could think about during the “boom shakalaka” parts was the NBA Jam call.


Q6IX – “Blue Heart”

People can hate all they want, but this is unironically like help from LEEZ and Ollounder away from being better than most this year.


Sunmi – “Heart Burn”

The instrumental foundation of this is actually quite nice, and I was into it until the chorus hit and I figured out it was basically never going to do anything dynamic or go anywhere different. That said, it was nice enough and the music video concept of basically being a man killer through time was fun.


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