Quick Reviews: J-Hope (hopefully) sets the tone for his album, but doesn’t do much “MORE”

MORE” is J-Hope‘s pre-release for Jack In The Box and essentially marks a new era of BTS member output after their non-hiatus hiatus. The song essentially expresses that while he’s grateful for the money and fame, he wants things beyond that as his passion lies in making his music, and that kinda ties into the reasoning given for the hiatus.

As for “MORE” itself, while the boom-bap hip-hop verses and the punk-rock “chorus” are welcome, there’s also a ton of dead air where nothing anything interesting is going on verbally or instrumentally. I wanted to like it, but at least use those spots to let the guitars go off a bit or something. Rather than a single type of song, “MORE” seems … more like a pre-release in terms of like an album intro than anything.

Still, despite this not being the best standalone track, the concept and sound are very intriguing and hopefully it’s just a taste of what’s to come on the album.


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