Dreamcatcher continue solo special clips with Gahyeon’s “Playground”, Dami’s “Beauty Full”, Siyeon’s “Entrancing”

After Dreamcatcher dropped a special clip for JiU’s solo “Cherry” off their Apocalypse: Save Us album, I probably should’ve figured that six more were coming for the other members given how they do things.

Anyway, so next in the batch are Gahyeon‘s “Playground“, Dami‘s “Beauty Full“, and Siyeon‘s “Entrancing“. I’ve also found the order they’re releasing these to be interesting in themselves, seemingly going from bright to dark.

In what has to be a surprise to absolutely nobody, Dami’s solo was easily my favorite, basically emulating the best tendencies of the early-00s pop punk revival that’s going on. Meanwhile, Gahyeon’s solo was a pleasant surprise that’s eminently listenable, and Siyeon’s is an enjoyable ballad because of the traditional instrumentation (and her vocals).


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