Chibin (ex-MASC) to re-debut as a part of OCJ Newbies 4 years after being violently assaulted by MASC groupmate

A few days ago, a company called One Cool Jasco Entertainment dropped teaser pictures for an upcoming group they are temporarily calling OCJ Newbies. The first 13 members were revealed, though the ultimate number of members is undecided. However, there was one member in particular that caught people’s attention, and that was Chibin, who four years ago was the victim of being assaulted by his MASC group member ACE.

Anyway, for those wondering if there was any ambiguity about this situation, there wasn’t. ACE effectively never disputed assaulting Chibin and only made excuses for it, ACE got kicked out of the group by the company for the assault, and later authorities sided with Chibin and fined ACE over the incident.

This all happened back when Chibin was 20 and he’s 24 now. He also left the group back then, so it’s been a while for him and I’m just glad he’s getting a second chance at this after his first was so violently taken from him. Surprised he wanted to remain in the industry after that kind of experience, really.


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