GOT7’s JAY B confirmed to be in relationship with SFX artist/YouTuber PURE.D, whose work is impressive

GOT7 member JAY B and SFX artist/YouTuber PURE.D recently confirmed reports of their relationship, saying that they’ve been dating for the last nine months.

Representatives of the artists commented, “They are cautious as they both have jobs where their faces are known to the public,” and added, “They have been maintaining a good relationship for nine months. Please continue to support them.”

While I don’t tend to cover relationship news like this around these parts anymore, I made an exception for this one.

Surprisingly that was not because of JAY B, but because of PURE.D, who I looked up on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised to find out she was who did the makeup work on Zior Park‘s latest music video, “FALLING FROM THE SKY“, as well as doing a ton of other impressive makeup/SFX stuff on her channel.

Stuff like the monsters from Sweet Home … really you should just check out her channel if you’re interested.


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