Olivia Hye calls out company’s photoshop on her pics, makes them post the originals

LOONA member Olivia Hye recently had a trio of pictures posted to the group’s official account deleted and then reposted just a bit later. Fans were curious of the reason why and Olivia Hye confirmed to fans that she was uncomfortable with the amount of photoshop that Blockberry Creative did to them and requested they post the originals.

The video that’s quote tweeted shows the difference between the originals and the photoshopped versions.

It’s honestly kinda nuts to watch considering she already has makeup on and the photos themselves likely already have some kind of filter, so to further add another significant layer of modification to something that already looked great* kinda provides an inside look into how much goes into maintaining an idol’s image, even if it doesn’t end up actually being the idol in the end.

*The originals looked better anyway, wtf.

Glad Olivia Hye got this fixed, and honestly the industry would probably be better off/healthier if they all did this, though I’m obviously not holding my breath considering how overbearing companies are and how ruthless netizens can be.


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