Quick Reviews: YEDD gets a “Confession” out of her bully by becoming one herself

While acknowledging that YEDD‘s “Confession” is unlikely to melodically appeal to most readers, I did want to highlight it because it was intriguing to me conceptually and sonically.

Written, produced, and performed by YEDD, it’s a song from the perspective of a violent school bully, created while she was seeking out answers for why she was tormented for four years in school. After blaming herself and hopelessly searching for the pathology of the bully’s actions, ultimately she realized it was not anything she had done. Essentially, YEDD concludes there was no answer she could’ve given to prevent what happened, as she says in the chorus: “now you know I’m in control, I’m feeling now alive when you groan, I’ll never ever try to strive to fall, I don’t care about the answer, the answer“. Lines like that and “power always needs to be mine, I like everyone being on their knees” accompanied by the visual of the music video make for a powerful combination.

While these concepts can risk being cliché, I found the presentation refreshingly raw, not unlike the sparse production on the track that relies on reverberating bass, an industrial punk section that reminded me of List Of Demands, and YEDD’s own vocals that give off a sinister intent. Additionally, the rhythm of the chorus was surprisingly catchy.

(Photosensitivity Warning)


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