Songs You May Have Missed: May 2022 (Monday Off With Bluesy, UNE & DAUL, GIRIBOY, twlv, 015B, X-PIERS, sucozy, others)

Hello everyone, it is I, your friendly playlist curator. Sometimes when I’m putting together these playlists, I get a sense of seasonal moods. These tracks are from May, which this year felt like an odd combination of very sleepy with little bursts of energy. Mostly it seemed to get too hot too fast and it had everyone turning into cats sleeping in the sun — at least, that’s what I would have done if I hadn’t been working or getting anything else done.

I hope this (mostly) gentle playlist reminds you all of the warm spring in a good way. Let’s go.


kursor – “Sorrow”

sucozy – “Difference”

Seo Jayeong – “What Words And Love”

GEMINI – “She Lives In Paris”


Monday Off With Bluesy (Feat. quinn_) – “LUSH”

My favourite song on this playlist.


LimJi – “Q&A”

twlv – “Love Hate”



In this house we stan fake boy groups created for plot purposes!


Park Soeun – “Stuck In Wheels”

Tark Sun Young & In The City – “Don’t Do That”



Other favourite song on this playlist!


Lahne – “Prelude” 

015B (Feat. Dawon) – “Not That Bad”


GIRIBOY – “Issu Du Feu”

Have I ever not put a GIRIBOY song on these playlists when he’s got something new out? I am weak…


SONNI – “Five Seconds”


APRO (Feat. wave to earth & WAVY) – “To Us”

Raffina – “Shot Shot Shot”


And that’s it.

As always, let me know your favourites from May — and happy listening.

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