‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ amazingly already a mess, under fire for violating human rights

Gonna be honest with you, when I read about this story I started laughing uncontrollably. Yeah sure, it’s not funny, but counterpoint … it is.

Like there is absolutely nobody who went through their faves being tortured at Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC) who thought its return was going to be any better, and it’s already getting messy month before they are set to begin after they released a statement saying that fans attending the event will be prohibited from meals and leaving the venue during the 15-hour filming time.

According to one idol fandom announcement, fans will be able to enter the filming stadium at 5:30 AM, and the filming is scheduled to end at 9 PM. The long 15-hour filming is hard enough, but ISAC is prohibiting anyone from leaving midway and also is prohibiting anyone from bringing in food.

I guess ISAC didn’t want to be shipped off to The Hague or whatever, so they decided to make things less like a prison sentence.

After the controversy arose, it was reported that the ISAC changed its statement from prohibiting anyone from leaving midway to people being allowed to enter midway. In the case of prohibiting any food or meals, ISAC edited the guidelines saying attendees will be able to briefly leave the stadium to eat and come back. In regards to this guideline, MBC explained on July 26, “Each of the idol’s agencies is responsible when it comes to recruiting fans to attend the event, so we have nothing to say about that case.”

Of course, this keeps coming back because fandoms love watching it, even if they have to deal with conditions worse than an overnight stay in jail.

Anyway, prepare the injury tracker in the form of gravestones to put idol names over, cause those are surely coming back as well.


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