Nobody knows what’s going on with LOONA’s Chuu

The saga of LOONA member Chuu has continued to drag on without any definitive clarification, the latest news being that she will not be participating in promotional activities for LOONA’s upcoming Japanese single nor will she be performing at their concert in Japan.

While that may not seem worrying on its own, it follows months of news that has seen Chuu status with the group and company (Blockberry Creative) put in question.

Back in March it was reported that Chuu won a partial injunction against BBC over her contract, then in June it was announced that Chuu wouldn’t be joining the group on their world tour. Late in the month it was reported that she was leaving BBC and joining BY4M Studios for her individual contracts. That was followed by vague statements from both Chuu and then the company on the reports and subsequent speculation, basically refusing to clarify.


And so the staring contest continues, as they continue to release news that indicates clearly that not everything is fine or normal, but also refusing to explain what is going on and ignoring the elephant in the room.

Naturally, since a lot of the negativity and speculation could be avoided if they simply clarified things were things truly all made-up and everything was business as usual, fans and netizens are assuming the worst and I find it hard to blame them.

Speculate away, I guess … the company seems to almost be welcoming it with their posture on this.


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