Quick Reviews: SNSD reunite after 5 years with “FOREVER 1”, which is basically a fan song

Well, a day that many were skeptical would ever come has indeed arrived, and after a five-year hiatus SNSD has reunited and are back with their ‘Forever 1‘ album. The comeback single has the same title, and “FOREVER 1” lives up to the billing of the title by being very dedicated to SNSD’s enduring legacy, if nothing else.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, if one detaches themselves from the hoopla surrounding this, “FOREVER 1” sounds worrying similar to whatever group’s perfunctory fan song, bathed in lighter and generic touches. Rather than a crowning pop single, it sounds more like a mailed-in track that closes a musical film, and the surprisingly one-note chorus quite frankly gets a bit grating.

Really, the star here is the music video, which is chock full of references to their careers and also solo ventures, weaving everything into one nostalgic package. Like I said, something like a legacy fan song release, which should obviously work for the intended audience and was cool for a hag K-pop fan like me as well, though I think neutrals might have a harder time getting into the actual song itself.


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