Perfume are gravely concerned that anybody would take albums to a deserted island

Perfume recently did an interview with Just Jared, which you can read in full, but as Make Believe Melodies pointed out, there’s one specific gem of an answer.

What are Perfume’s personal Top 3 “desert island” albums? The three records you would take with you on a deserted island.
Perfume: What? Album? Not, like, cooking tools? [Laugh]

So true.

We love pragmatic queens.


There was also this answer about TikTok, which could be read different from they likely intended.

We love seeing you dancing on TikTok. Do you like the platform?
A-chan: After Kyary Pamyu Pamyu taught us TikTok, we started it just for fun. But now that hobby has turned into work, which is amazing! 

TikTok as work? Well, we know how much artists love being forced to do those things.


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