Jiyoon (ex-Weeekly) clarifies comments, says she meant the decisions were by her & IST Entertainment together

Following former Weeekly member Jiyoon starting up her own Twitter account and saying in a live broadcast that leaving the group was not her choice, she has now clarified her comments in a pair of Twitter posts.

Jiyoon says that she maybe worded things rashly and things were misunderstood. While she did leave the group due to her health, she says she didn’t mean it wasn’t her decision, just that it wasn’t her decision alone and that it was done along with her company.

Based on what she said in the previous live broadcast, it seems worth noting she’s still with IST Entertainment.


The source of the Discord translation that sparked this internationally also spoke out on the issue.


Honestly don’t see the problem with translating it if the information relayed itself was correct and they say it was indeed. Fans are, of course, going to be defensive, but Jiyoon said what she did publicly and she knows that as well.


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