Jessica Jung finishes 2nd (to Cyndi Wang) on ‘Sisters Who Make Waves 3’, makes X-SISTER with 9 others

Since we’ve been giving periodic updates about notable performances from former SNSD member Jessica on Sisters Who Make Waves 3, it only makes sense to cover that she finished in second place for the girl group formed from the show along with nine others. X-SISTER still sounds like disowning your own sibling, but whatever.

In particular, Gillian Chung and Cyndi Wang jump out as recognizable names even for a Chinese entertainment newb like me, and I’m glad the latter’s fans don’t have to crash the show’s company anymore.

From what I understand, they don’t do a lot with this group and it’s more just the show itself that’s the big deal, so it makes sense to feature that. Since the last time we updated on Jessica’s exploits, she’s had a few notable performances that show why she’s ranked so highly.

I’m also trusting you all to keep me updated on anything significant the happens with this (if any) from here on out.


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