Dreamcatcher complete solo special clips with SuA’s “No Dot”, Handong’s “Winter”, Yoohyeon’s “For”

Dreamcatcher have previously released special clips for JiU’s “Cherry” and Gahyeon‘s “Playground“, Dami‘s “Beauty Full“, and Siyeon‘s “Entrancing“ off their Apocalypse: Save Us album. Now the final batch of solos is out with SuA‘s “No Dot“, Handong‘s “Winter“, and finally Yoohyeon‘s “For“.

I appreciate “No Dot” now just for what it brings to Dreamcatcher’s concert performances, kinda like a low-key version of 4Minute‘s “Crazy“. Handong’s is a ballad, so it was always fighting an uphill battle with me, though I’m glad she got to showcase her piano ability. Yoohyeon’s solo has grown on me over time, and this special clip does its best to highlight its strengths with the 30s aesthetics and class combined with the jazz instrumental that kinda resembles “Santa Baby“.

Also, here’s the final collage. My theory that they were going from light to dark was sorta ruined, but still cool.


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