SNSD’s “FOREVER 1” MV director apologizes for plagiarizing … uh, Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th anniversary logo

In hilariously unreal and yet totally believable messes, the director of SNSD‘s reunion music video “FOREVER 1” apologized for plagiarizing the 15th anniversary logo of Tokyo DisneySea.

After the similarities were pointed out on Twitter, Shin Hee Won apologized on Instagram.

“Hello, this is director Shin Hee Won who produced Girls’ Generation’s ‘FOREVER 1’ music video. First of all, I am sorry for causing inconvenience to the members of Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment due to a controversy involving a set design in the music video of Girls’ Generation’s ‘FOREVER 1.’ I am ashamed and apologetic to have borrowed a design without permission at a time when I was asked to do this music video and was involved in planning, directing, and even [choosing] small props. I searched for a number-related logo design for a parade set celebrating their 15th anniversary and found several references. After finding a matching image, I used it as a set design without confirming the source. Today, I verified that the design is a logo for Disney’s 15th anniversary in Japan, and I sincerely apologize for designing the set without thorough investigation or confirmation. I will make sure to thoroughly research and check before production to prevent something like this from happening again. Lastly, I sincerely apologize for causing trouble to the members of Girls’ Generation, SM Entertainment, and fans who enjoyed watching the music video because of my mistake.”

This is more funny to me than anything just because it’s a minor part of the music video and like … such a major yet specific thing to plagiarize. A Disney property, sure, but Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th anniversary logo? Did they just Google logos for 15th anniversaries and pick the one they found coolest? Cause that is not a “reference”, it’s honestly just straight up traced.

I assume the reason they are even bothering to apologize is because it’s Disney, who will send in the Marines to enforce their copyright.


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