Something called Shinwha Media (unrelated to the group) reveals plans to debut a multi-national girl group named GLX, and things seem … off

A company called Shinhwa Media — which made me think of Shinhwa Company, so there’s that issue as well — recently declared plans to make a multi-national girl group called GLX with members from Korea, China, India, USA, France, and Russia.

That’s not what caught my attention, however. As it was notable in the sense that none of the girls are in Korea or even training yet, as the company initially said they want a million followers on Instagram before they get them visas to do so.

There was understandable push back against this from people, but @nugupromoter was in touch with one of the members and they said they got the company to agree to 10,000 followers instead, which is magnitudes less.


I wish them the best of luck here and I believe that the members believe, but knowing what we know about how companies operate, it’s difficult to have confidence in their competence if they set a million follower goal then immediately dropped it to 10,000 due to facing any pushback whatsoever. Especially factoring that they have these gigantic ambitions but have yet to even secure visas for their members yet, much less actually start training them. Quite frankly, the company saying they’ll let them choose when to go to Korea and debut actually makes me even more skeptical about this whole thing.

I get people want to be positive and I’m hope everybody expressing their concerns about the red flags turn out to be wrong as well, but it’s hard to look at what has transpired in the half day since this was revealed and not think it’s all sketchy as hell. Especially true since there seem to be a ton of scams popping up in Korea nowadays looking to take advantage of K-pop’s expanding market.


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