Chungha calls out her company MNH Entertainment, jokes about wanting to leave

Chungha recently did a broadcast on Instagram Live and vented frustrations with her company MNH Entertainment.

Following her HallyuPopFest performance in Australia, Chungha went live and spoke with fans. The topic of her two-part ‘Bare & Rare‘ album came up and she discussed the delays surrounding the release of the second part. She cited the “company’s condition” as the reason and that she was sad she wasn’t able to perform the songs she wanted because of it.

She also talked about finding out that staff weren’t posting the selfies she was taking for fans.

At one point she talks about her desire to do a world tour and calls out her company to take care of her better, joking that she wants to leave before swiftly taking it back.

Difficult to know what is going on at the company, but it would be odd for them to neglect Chungha of all people, who seems to be their breadwinner. Girl group Bvndit made their first comeback in two years a few months ago, and they have other artists on the roster in Lim Sang Hyun and Vvon, but I don’t think a competent company would be struggling to dedicate resources to Chungha’s activities.

Either way, hope this works out for her and it doesn’t get her censored, as this is about as directly confrontational as an idol will get.


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