NECRONOMIDOL boots a member & goes on hiatus after one member doxes another

In week-old wild-ass Japanese alt idol news, NECRONOMIDOL recently lost a member and declared an indefinite hiatus after one member basically doxed another member on a live broadcast.

The group explained what happened themselves on their official site in English.

So basically, now former member Hisui Kurogane provided personal private information on member Meica Mochinaga, which created a whole giant mess for everybody involved with the group.

For her part, Hisui issued an apology and explanation for her actions.

Maybe there’s something I don’t understand about having ADHD, and I realize she takes responsibility for what she did regardless, but how exactly would it make you dox a member? To a layman it sounds like a ridiculous excuse for something malicious.

Either way, this is a remarkable mess for a group that’s been around in some form or another since 2014. Based on fan responses to this, it seems like controversy has surrounded the group recently, and it has them wondering about their future.


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