B-Side Spotlight: June 2022 (Nayeon, Sunmi, PIXY, Kep1er, LOONA, Wonho, Youngjae, Fromis 9, KARD, more)

Every year, summer comes around and companies race to see who can be the biggest hit of the summer. For me, I try to make it through the hot months by listening to the one true summer bop — f(x)’s “Hot Summer” — because if it’s not broke, don’t break it.

That said, there were some really nice B-sides in June — so let’s go!


BDC – “Masquerade”

BEAUTY BOX – “Favorite” 


Fromis 9 – “Cheese”

Jo Yuri – “Rolla Skates”

KARD – “Break Down”

Kep1er – “Attention”

HUTA (BTOB) – “Secretly”

LOONA – “Playback”

Nayeon (Feat. Wonstein) – “LOVE COUNTDOWN”

This whole album is just … perfect. 10/10, no skips, super mad I don’t own it yet.



PIXY – “Natural”

I unabashedly love PIXY.



Son Dong Woon (Highlight) – “Moderato”

Sunmi – “Childhood”

Yes, it’s the only B-side, but I also just massively prefer it over the title track.


TAN – “Adorable”

Trendz – “Re: Daybreak”

Wonho – “Close”

Captain Korea does it again!


Youngjae (GOT7) – “Crema”


And that’s it!

Let me know which idol B-sides you really loved during June, and happy listening!

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