‘Street Man Fighter’ is already a problematic cringefest, which is likely just as Mnet wanted

Street Man Fighter content is starting to come out as it builds to its August 23 debut, and the preview stuff is as problematic, messy, and cringeworthy as anybody could’ve ever expected, and Mnet is probably basking in the glory of what they’ve done.

Of particular note is the reaction (which has already gone a bit viral) of other crews to TEAM EO-DDAE, whose “girlish” style stands out among this crowd. They’re seen describing the EO-DDAE clips as “disgusting”, saying they can’t watch it, and mocking them.

As far as the cringe goes, Mnet’s own teaser has it covered with the overdramatic shit as if like the loser becomes a eunuch or something.

Mnet will be Mnet, of course, and I think they’re getting exactly what they want out of this as I already see a ton of people saying they’re going to support TEAM EO-DDAE out of spite or that it being so cringey is appealing in itself.

And of course, here I am covering this shit as well, though I will be begging Hojo to save himself the agony of recapping it.


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